Hello world!

Blogs kinda suck. You know this. I know this. We all know this.

As a new blogger I can attest right now that I 100%-believe that you want to read every single thing I have to write about. How could you not? My life is so interesting! I’m so cool!

I’m kidding.

I know you’re here right now for one of the following reasons:

1) You’re one of my friends I pathetically begged to read this blog
2) You’re insanely bored and chanced upon this via one of the 9,830,493 social media outlets available
3) You’re stalking me

So why am I starting a blog? To be honest, I literally just want to share ideas. There’s no gimmick here. Read what you want. Bookmark it if you care. My mind is constantly swimming with thoughts and I needed a place to put them down. Occasionally I will be funny. Sometimes I will actually be helpful. Most of the time I will be writing about something you don’t know/care/ever thought about.

To get a better idea of what this will be like, I’ve drawn a very scientific sketch of my main reasons for starting this blog:

1) I want to document interesting and amusing things. Yes. That is a broad generalization. But did you know Glen Rice porked Sarah Palin in the 80’s or there’s a planet that circles two (yes, TWO!) stars? Probably not. But aren’t you glad you do now?

2) This site is so I can share ideas.

3) Everyone should develop HTML and CSS skills. Unless you plan on spending the rest of your life in the restaurant business or doing manual labor, somewhere down the line you will be sitting in front of a computer and knowing your way around it helps. Trust me.

4) I Just cant shut up about anything. Truth.

5) I need to reach out to friends and family. I’ve been rather removed from a lot of the people I love simply by the fact that I live so far away from everyone now. My hope is that they read and comment here, and we can find a new and unique way of communicating with each other.

6) Who doesn’t want to make people laugh? I know I do. Humor is what relieves stress, makes things interesting, and keeps you sane. Laugh at me or with me, but as long as you’re laughing I’ll be happy.

And so it begins. I haven’t really given this first post too much thought but I figure if I keep putting it off I will never get this blog started. I have high hopes for this blog but it could also turn out to be a hilarious failure. But as they say…

Yu Live, Yu Learn.


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