Amazon Fire… Solution for the Cheap Masses?

Having grown up with everything Apple… iPod, iBook, iPhone, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iMac, it pained me to never have bought the iPad. My rationale? Simple. Why in the world would I spend $600 on something that I can already do on my computer or on my phone?

Against the core Apple nerd in me, I would like to introduce the Amazon Fire.

I’m not going to pretend to be a techie and I’m positive you can find better information elsewhere, but here is a brief synopsis of why I think the Fire could be a major success.

1) The Price: It’s $200 friggin’ dollars. In the current techie world, anyone who has a working computer does not need a tablet. Tablets are stupid. But at the right price, they’re awesome! I personally don’t have $600 to throw around, and neither do a lot of my friends. $200 dollars though is highly manageable, and the #1 reason to go with the Fire.

2) It’s from Amazon: I trust Amazon. Most people do. Acer and Lenovo sound like fake companies to me. But more importantly, it taps into Amazon’s whole network: you can use its cloud computing (increases browsing speed), you have access to all your Kindle books, you can stream media content easily, and most importantly, you can buy useless things on Amazon even more efficiently!

3) It’s just right: All of us have computers/laptops. Almost all of us have smart phones. Those are the two things I would say people really need. Do you need an iPad if you have an iPhone? No! The iPad comes stocked with everything you would possibly need… maps, camera, FaceTime, editing software… at a higher price. If you already have the power of a laptop and the mobility of a smart phone, you don’t need something as powerful as an iPad. The Fire, however, seems perfectly straddle the line without much overlap.

I haven’t yet decided whether I want to purchase the Amazon Fire (and officially renounce my undying love for Apple) but right now, it seems like a possibility. What do you think? Will you go look at the Fire?

Yu Live, Yu Learn

Photo from here.


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