The 10,000 Sit-Up Challenge (Part 1)

I’m not a big fan of sit-ups.

I just don’t see the point. I do them once in a while at the gym because I know they’re good for your posture and make you look mighty sexy, but then again I’ve been doing sit-ups for over a decade and I still don’t have a 6-pack. 50 here, 200 there, sit-ups have never been too difficult really, just that they’re no fun and there’s no clear reward to keep me going at it.

And I have a feeling I’m not the only one. Quick, I want you to feel your stomach RIGHT NOW. Any discernible abdominal muscles? Are your fingers caressing the finely toned hills on your belly? No? Are you surprised? Isn’t it interesting that all of us (clearly except CC Sabathia) want better abs, yet I would venture to say close to none of us have them. So if it’s something we want so badly, why aren’t we trying harder to make it happen?

Introducing the 10,000 sit-up challenge.

Beginning last Thursday, and for every Thursday until I’m done, I will note how many sit-ups I’ve been able to do during the week, along with tips I’ve found helpful to get to my goal. So far, I’m at 850 sit-ups (200 Thursday, 250 Friday, 100 Sunday, 300 today), and my stomach looks no better than it did a week ago. But as with most things, I believe that the key is persistence, and I won’t stop until I get to my goal.

So why 10,000? To answer that I want to first as you a question. How many times have you told yourself, “I’m going to run 4 miles today” or “I’m going to lift for a solid hour?” It’s not asking much from yourself, and most likely, you do it. But how often do you ask yourself or even wonder “how long would it take me to run 30 miles” or “how long until I bench my body weight” and actually try? The problem is that we have gotten into a terrible habit of only focusing on short term goals. Running 4 miles once every two weeks doesn’t do anything for you. But if you set a larger, more lofty goal and try and keep at it, you’d be surprised of how quickly you can accomplish it.

Or at least that’s the experiment. So c’mon. Try it out with me. I’m challenging myself to do 10,000 sit-ups as quickly as I can, and I think you should too. I’ll fill you all in each Thursday on helpful hints to get you to that goal, and you can take it or leave it.

So in due time, maybe we’ll all look like this… Or not.

Yu Live, Yu Learn

Photo from here.


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