The 10,000 Sit-Up Challenge (Part 2)


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Friday: 450
Sunday: 450
Monday: 200
Tuesday: 100
Wednesday: i haz cheeseburgerz?
Thursday: 350

Well, I’m not going to pat my own back but I’d say I’ve done pretty well. Adding on an additional 1700 sit-ups this week, I’m now at a solid 2,550 sit-ups since I’ve started this venture. That’s a sh*tload of sit-ups, my friend.

So here is my first update since challenging myself to this almost idiotic goal. I haven’t seen much change physically (college beer gut still in existence) but I’m definitely noticing a change in the level of difficulty the exercises have become. When I first started, I would start getting tired at around 50 sit-ups or so, and now it’s more like 150. My muscles are feeling sore more often, but the healthy layer of fat above it hasn’t trimmed down. Luckily, I’m only a little over 1/4th of my way through, and hopefully I’ll start to see more progress along the way.

That being said, here are a couple of helpful hints to help you through your 10,000. Tried and true, these have been plenty beneficial to me!

Break it down
One way I’ve been able to get into the hundreds is by breaking down the overall session. You can choose to do 400 at one time, of course, but it is also helpful to do 50 sit-ups, then go and do another activity. By breaking it up, the task will seem infinitely less daunting, and you’ll feel more rested and better equipped to handle another set. Just as no one benches 48 reps at once (rather 4 sets of 12), neither should you try and do the same with sit-ups.

You’ve got 3 and a half minutes
Along the same lines, think of how many sit-ups you can do within the duration of one song. Bring your iPod, and start a new song the moment you start with sit-up number 1. Can you do 100 sit-ups before the song ends? 150? 175 maybe? By playing this game and racing until the end, you’ll end up having done over 300 sit-ups by the end of two or three of songs.

So that’s that folks. I’ve done 2,550 sit-ups in 14 days. How many have you done? Remember, there’s always time to start your own 10,000 sit-up challenge!

Yu Live, Yu Learn

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