The 10,000 Sit-Up Challenge (Part 3)

Well, a week certainly flies by, especially when you’re avoiding sit-ups! 7 days have come and gone and I’ve only done 900 sit-ups. This brings my total up to 3,150 sit-ups in the past 21 days, or an average of 150 sit-ups a day. Not bad.

Now, in my defense, I was quite sick at the beginning of the week, and quite drunk over the weekend. But now I’m back on top of my regime and I am setting an end goal: I want to accomplish the 10,000 sit-up challenge by the time I leave for the holidays on November 19th. This, ladies & gentlemen, means that I have exactly one month to pound out 6,850 sit-ups, or for you mathematically challenged (I’m kidding, I used a calculator), I have to do more than 228 sit-ups a day for the next 30 days. How’s that for a challenge?

So as promised, here is my weekly tip on how to get on your way to your own 10,000 sit-ups.

Give yourself some variation
This is incredibly helpful, especially in the beginning. Can you no longer do sit-ups? Do another ab exercise. Do side crunches, or try holding a plank for 45 seconds. Once that starts hurting you’ll be dying to just do regular sit-ups again, making them much easier to handle.

Reward yourself… with sit-ups
No joke. Thinking of sit-ups as a reward will make doing them more rewarding, and a lot less painful. As you do more and more, the will become easier and easier, and what better way to break up a more intense workout than to chill out and bang out 150 sit-ups? It only takes 3 minutes, is relatively simple to do, and gets you 150 sit-ups closer to your goal. Do this three times while at the gym, and you won’t even notice that you’ve already done over 400 sit-ups.

Alright, that’s all folks. Until next time, keep crunchin’ (wow that was lame).

Yu Live, Yu Learn

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2 thoughts on “The 10,000 Sit-Up Challenge (Part 3)

  1. You should write about a 10,000 12 oz curl challenge. You can add some heavy lifting days (24 oz and 40 oz) as you go to make doing those 12 oz curls a little bit easier.

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