Being a Community Fan

“Remedial Chaos Theory” was by far one of the best episodes of any show I have seen in my entire life. It is so good that I watched it twice. It is so good that I decided I was going to write a blog entry to try and convince you all to see it (or see it again). It is so good that I decided it was necessary to all be in bold.

It isn’t often that a show comes along with so many fresh ideas and keeps things interesting. Community constantly mixes things up (ahem, the paintball episodes?) and has become less predictable and consequently shockingly hilarious when it pulls it off. Although this was obviously a gimmick episode, it was one that worked.

The basis of the story is that we are constantly living in different realities based on the decisions that we make (or that are made for us) in the past. Haven’t you ever wondered how things might have turned out if you hadn’t missed that bus, or drew the lucky raffle ticket, or remembered your umbrella? I sure have. And though a lot of stories in pop culture have tried to demonstrate how these events could have a butterfly effect on everything else (ie: Benjamin Button), Community did it so seamlessly (and so effortlessly considering that they only had 22 minutes to tell 7 full stories).

Wow. In case you’re wondering, yes, I am very much aware of how geeky I sound.

The following are my favorite things about this episode, and why you must watch it immediately.

It brings out your inner-geek… Do you ever sit and think about chaos theory? Just thinking about it makes my head hurt. But the writers of this episode didn’t stop there. They went with it, and gave me a mental boner. Just look at the timeline that was drawn out for this episode here.

It does more storytelling in 22 minutes than most shows do all season… Writers have gotten so lazy now a days. They take one idea and stretch it for 13 to 24 episodes, as if we the viewers, are too stupid to understand that some episodes are nothing but filler. It’s extremely refreshing to see a show that is intelligent, edgy, and funny at the same time.

It makes you think about how your actions affect others… good or bad, what you do will change the immediate world around you as you know it. You can’t predict it and you sure as hell can’t rewind what you’ve done, but every now and again we need to all just take a step back and really think about how we react to things and how it affects other people. Maybe then some of us will stop being little bitches and loudmouth assholes. One can dream, right?

It reminds you of how great a song “Roxanne” is… It’s great. Next karaoke night, here I come.

So if you haven’t watched it yet, please do so now. You can watch it free here! And let me know what you think of it!

Yu Live, Yu Learn

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One thought on “Being a Community Fan

  1. Robert Christgau says, “Community shakes it’s own hand and other parts as it contemplates Poincare by way of Goldblum. I still like the old guy nobody likes and the writers make constructing genre deconstructions look easy – maybe too easy, considering how much funnier the dumb ones are (and aren’t they always). – B+”

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