The 10,000 Sit-Up Challenge (Part 4)

Wow. My abs hurt. I really tried to pick up the slack from last week, so I ended up doing a ridiculous number of sit-ups in the past five days: 2,130 total. This brings me to a total of 5,280 sit ups in the past 4 weeks, halfway to my goal!

But it’s not enough.

Now, before you start worrying that I’m getting obsessive compulsive about all of this, let me tell you a little fact. Britney Spears does 400 sit-ups a day. Minus the time she cut her hair and fell into a dark hole of terrible choices, you got to admit, she’s got a killer body. And as you might not want to admit it, compared to you and me, she is #WINNING! She’s got millions and millions of dollars, stardom, an (okay) singing voice, and on top of that has killer abs. But alas, just because the life of fame and fortune probably isn’t going to happen doesn’t mean that you have to settle for the life of flabby fat either.

Enter this week’s tips.

Envision someone you don’t respect much beating you
Got someone in mind? Hate your lazy coworker? Your more-beloved sibling? Ke$ha? Imagine them right next to you, and being able to do 300 sit-ups no problem. Doesn’t that make you want to do 301? What about 400? You can do 401. There are reasons why most competitive people prosper. It’s because they cannot stand to watch while their arch nemesis does something better than them. We may not all have an arch nemesis, but simply imagining that you do will make you work twice as hard. Don’t hate someone specifically? Look for that d-bag in the gym who’s grunting like an idiot lifting 20 pound weights, you’ll find the competitive hate in yourself quite quickly.

Tech up and get digital coaching
This works for those of you who has smart phones. You can try new gadgets that will help train you (you can set goals, have coaching tips, track progress, etc). Try this one!

Yu Live, Yu Learn

Photo from here.

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