Doggy’s First Day at Work

There’s a dog in the office!

My roommate, who typically works from home, is away in Denver for a couple of days. I felt bad leaving Roddick all alone at home all day, so I brought him to work!

He didn’t poop on the carpet, he didn’t bark, and he impressed all my coworkers. Success!

Yu Live, Yu Learn


One thought on “Doggy’s First Day at Work

  1. I’m glad your boss didn’t go through the woof when he saw him there! Beep boop.

    The business world has always been dog eat dog, but this is ridiculous! Beep boop.

    I heard on the news that we’re at the “tail” end of the recession, but I didn’t know they meant dogs! In the office! Beep boop. System failure. Shutting down. Error 340fm390.

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