Pledge Fur Remover

If you couldn’t tell already, Roddick’s fur drives me NUTS. Sure, I love my dog, and I know he doesn’t mean it, but his fur and I have been at war for the past two and a half years. And judging by the life expectancy of a Border Collie, oh, about 13 more years to go.

Which is why I’ve teamed up with two very useful tools to keep most of his shedding at bay. The first was the Furminator, which is more of a preventative measure. The next is the Pledge Fabric Cleaner (Fur Remover), which was only recently invented and has saved me from going insane countless times already.

For only about $6, you can buy a Pledge Fur Remover at your local grocery store. It has two lint rollers that trap the hair inside a clear container (it’s quite gratifying to watch the hair build up inside). All you have to do is just sweep it back and forth on any fabric and it gets the hair out like magic.

Though it mentions on the box that it is not meant to be reusable, the green part in me found a way to take the hair out of the container. All you have to do is pop out one of the rollers, and take the hair out by hand, then pop it back in. I’m sure it was a marketing ploy to make people keep buying it, but with some creativity, this life-saver has lasted for over 2 years.

If you have any pets, this is for you. It’s less than the cost of a well drink at the bar you can keep your furniture hair free (or at least die trying).

Yu Live, Yu Learn

Photo from here.


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