Youtube… Repeat… and Repeat… and Repeat

I’m that guy that listens to a new song over and over again until I get sick of it (somewhere in the 20-30 repetition range). I like finding new music, using and abusing it, and discarding it like yesterday’s news. And though YouTube is a great way to find new music, one thing I’ve always hated about YouTube was having to click play every three and a half minutes when the music suddenly dies. Alas, there’s a cure! I not-so-recently found out about YouTube REPEAT (thanks Chuck), which automatically lets you have the YouTube video you want played on repeat, regardless of the video. On top of that, there aren’t any annoying commercials that play within YouTube Repeat!

So, how do you do it?

First, go to YouTube and find the video that you want to play. (Sorry, I had to do it!)

Take a look at the URL, in this case:

All you have to do is type “repeat” into a YouTube URL before the “.com” to watch it on repeat:

Try it on some of your favorite tunes!

Here are some of the more recent repeat offenders.

(Note: The domain had to be, not in order for it to show up as a video).

Yu Live, Yu Learn

Videos from herehere, and here.


5 thoughts on “Youtube… Repeat… and Repeat… and Repeat

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  2. Nice. I usually use it for live performances. Lotta times you get a song or version thereof that’ll never be released anywhere but youtube but that you just need to hear over and over.

    Heres some of my favorites of late:

    Also, these:

  3. Totally agree, Alex. I usually do it with live music you can’t get in other formats.

    I’m glad Green Marketing (my favorite green marketing site and definitely not just a placeholder/copyright troll) linked here. That David Hopkins interview is certainly a billion times better now that I know how to endlessly loop it! There are things you catch your 5th time watching it you totally miss the first time through. It’s like Memento! I will never invest in “shopping spree” again! Good tip, David!

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