Quicktips #16 – Drunk Packing

Always pack your suitcase one extra night in advance for any upcoming trips. Not only do you have an additional day to remember the “should have packed…” items, but more importantly you prevent the possibility of having to pack hungover.

Often times you end up going out the night before (“I don’t have work tomorrow! I’m going to so and so!”). Trust me, packing while hungover or still drunk is probably one of the most unpleasant things one can do in the modern world. Having to remember everything you will need for x amount of time before your flight leaves in an hour and 15 minutes with a splitting headache/loss of balance? No thanks. Packing one day ahead of time (you don’t have to finish packing, just pack most things away) will solve this problem. It’s well worth it, trust me.

Yu Live, Yu Learn

Photo from here.

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