The Right Way to Reheat Cold Pizza

Ever toss away pizza you had in the fridge? Though I have an unnatural affinity for cold pizza, I know a lot of people would rather throw away pizza than to eat it cold. So the only two options are to toss it or try and revive the son-of-a-bitch by heating it up and praying that it’ll be good enough to keep you alive until your next meal. And as most people would, they pop the slice of in the microwave, hoping that the rock-hard crust, the questionable pepperoni (did it change colors?), and the disintegrating onion will magically become something edible, as it used to be 24 – 48 hours ago.

The issue is, microwaving pizza, though now hot, makes makes the bread all mushy and the toppings taste oddly unnatural. Unfortunately, there’s no trick to get the crust to stay crispy (putting it on paper towels will help, but not much). Due to the way that microwaves work, it is impossible to reheat pizza (and other foods) while keeping it crispy. As a last resort, I tried briefly heating it up on a skillet, and that sucker came back to life almost better than ever. I added a bit of olive oil and butter, kept it on medium heat for a minute and a half, and voila, good as fresh from the oven! The crust stayed crisp and the toppings all got warm without tasting like they just got nuked. Also, the cheese heated up quite well and avoided the rubbery texture that you get with microwaving pizza. Success!


Yu Live, Yu Learn


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