Sales Taxes… Cheating the System!

I’m currently using my roommate’s MacBook when it suddenly dawned on me… I need a new computer. It actually pains me to say it out loud as I actually have two computers and feel guilty buying another one, but the ones that I have are both, for lack of a better term, pieces of shit. One is a 7 year old iMac that I don’t even have a keyboard for anymore and the other is an 8″ Dell Netbook that I bought three years ago for $350. The former actually has an operating system is so old that Flash, Quicktime, and iTunes cannot be updated so no videos can run, and the latter, which honestly has served me wel,l is just ridiculously hard to use since it is about the same size as a matchbook.

As a result of having two half-working computers, I have been toying with the idea of buying a new computer for a while now… so as usual, I went online and decided to check out prices, particularly the MacBook Pro, which I have been eyeing for oh, about 2 years but have been too financially responsible (cheap) to buy. I went straight to and plugged in the model, the upgrades, and the zip code for shipping. I accidentally had typed in 48104, my zip code in Michigan, so I went back and typed in 98103, my new zip code for Seattle. Suddenly, the price shot up another $60 bucks, and it took me a couple of seconds to realize how royally screwed I would be if I bought my computer in the state of Washington, as the Sales tax here is almost a hefty 10%!

So it got me thinking… I should definitely buy my computer in Michigan, right? Just pick one up the next time I go visit. But if sales taxes are different everywhere, I should definitely buy my new computer (and other expensive items) in a state with a lower Sales Tax, right? A quick check on the internet, and I found out that I can easily save over $120 if I just go buy my MacBook Pro in Portland instead of Seattle, since Oregon doesn’t have a Sales Tax!  (Neither does Delaware, Montana, and New Hampshire but they’re not nearly as close)


Though this isn’t a highly original idea, I want you all to think about this next time you go big on a purchase. How much are you getting screwed out of your hard earned money by paying a Sales Tax that perhaps you wouldn’t have to pay if you drove a couple of hours out? Of course, I actually like the city of Portland so I would be interested in going for more than just the Apple Store, but it’s worth thinking about if you ever want to say, buy a car, wedding ring, or Christmas gifts next year. A big part in being smart about your money is being smart about what you spend your money on, and this realization will go a long way for me, as long as I am three hours away from the tax-free land of bliss called Oregon.

Helloooo MacBook Pro! I’m coming to get ya!

Yu Live, Yu Learn

Photo from here.


3 thoughts on “Sales Taxes… Cheating the System!

  1. Or, instead of being a commie tax dodger, you could just break your roommate’s computer. Then he’d have to buy a new one for you to use.

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