30 Days to Hawaii: The Beginning!

Hi there, stranger!

It’s been a while since I updated this blog (why does every other post seem to always start like that?) but I’ve finally found some inspiration to start blogging again. Two days ago, I somewhat spontaneously / haphazardly / stupidly / adventurously decided that I wanted to go to Hawaii. I checked prices sporadically while at work, quickly got some vacation days approved, and just booked a flight since the all-knowing bing.com told me it was a good time to buy.

"How do you not buy when it tells you to buy?" - The ultimate consumer

Now that the spontaneous “high” has worn off, there are a couple of things that are coming to light. Here are a couple of facts that I have compiled:

Fact #1: In exactly 30 days, I will be on the beaches of Oahu (then Maui/Kauai).
Fact #2: I have no idea where I’m staying, what I’ll be doing, and almost everything in between.
Fact #3: I will need to get into better shape before I go tromp around on the beaches.
Fact #4: Though my finances are in good shape, I should probably try and budget for this trip.
Fact #5: The last time I was in Hawaii was 18 years ago and my mom forgot my swim trunks so she made me go on the beach in my Superman underwear #scarredforlife #newmemoriesplease
Fact #6: There’s a lot to do in 30 days.

Actually, come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I was slowly and subtlety brainwashed into going to Hawaii. Not sure enough to be Fact #7, but something tells me this was in fact… Destiny’s doing (pun intended)! Destiny, who I know from University of Michigan, now lives in Honolulu and tempts me all the time by sending me “everyday” pictures of the scene around her.

I got this the other day, along with the message, “Look at my view. Book Hawaii.”

The text on this one? “Pau Hana! Come visit!!!”

HOW DO YOU SAY NO TO THAT? The answer is you don’t.

So, now that I have been successfully tricked into visiting her, and being to goal-oriented person that I am, I have decided to use this trip as a jumping off point for my next blogging challenge (see: failed 10,000 sit-up challenge). In the next 30 days leading up to my trip, I’ve decided to post at least once a day pertaining to my trip, so this should be interesting. I’ll write about traveling, budgeting, vacationing, and yes, I’ll document myself becoming that annoying person who tries furiously to get into shape before showing up at the beach.

Can’t wait!

Yu Live, Yu Learn

Photos from here and courtesy of Destiny Carrillo.


9 thoughts on “30 Days to Hawaii: The Beginning!

  1. Im thrilled that you decided to visit Hawaii. I will compile our to-do list and email it. We will probably not do anything that we plan, but we can attempt to schedule things. The only definite thing: hike, beach, booze, chill. Til then, I’ll continue sending pics.

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