30 Days to Hawaii: Things To Do in Maui

I recently got the following “Quick Traveler’s Guide to Maui” in an email. Looks like I’m pretty set for our 4 day mini-vacation!

I haven’t been to any of these places but if you have any suggestions, comment below!

To Do:

  • Haleakala Sunrise
  • Lavendar Farm
  • Ia`o Valley/Needle Hike
  • Drive to Hana (there are cool hikes along the way – 7 pools trail) – Scenic magical drive
  • Tedeshi Vineyards

Haleakala Sunrise

Best Beaches:

  • Big Beach
  • Ka`anapali
  • Ho`okipa Beach

Ka’anapali Beach

Towns to Visit:

  • Makawao (cute upcountry town)
  • Lahaina (tourist area to sleep and shop and party)
  • Kaanapali (resorts and awesome beach)


Places to Eat:

  • The Gazebo (breakfast)
  • Mexican restaurant in Makawao
  • Kobe Sushi in Lahaina
  • Lots of good places in Lahaina

The Gazebo

Yu Live, Yu Learn

Photos from here, here, here, and here.


One thought on “30 Days to Hawaii: Things To Do in Maui

  1. I liked Haleakala better at sunset! Also… it is FREEZING! Like actually that cold since you’re above the clouds. Dress warm!!!!! Grab blankets and towels from your hotel to wrap yourselves in. The lavendar farm is beautiful, don’t forget your camera and don’t buy the brownies (blech). The 7 pools at the end of the road to Hana are very pretty but it’s a long long drive my friend.. with maaany stops along the way (so don’t worry if you don’t make it). If you’ve ever been motion sick in your life please take some pills beforehand! It will make the strongest willed people throw up. The roads are super tight and narrow and windy… ALWAYS pull over when you can to let the locals pass or you piss them off hardcore. There’s a good cd that you listen to as you drive and it points out all the landmarks. An absolutely breathtaking drive but it will require an entire day (and pack food!). Cool black sand beach and side trails all over. If I’m not confusing it with something else I think there’s even a lava tube on some guy’s property that he lets people explore with flashlights. It’s so lush and what you think of when you think of Hawaii. Pleeeease tell me how tedeshi is because I wanted to go but John and I never made it.

    Big Beach is my absolute favorite. I was telling paola that on the other side of big beach there’s little beach.. which is like venice beach in cali… with everything from wholesome fams to nudists, to druggies, to high school kids… On Sunday nights the fire dancers usually come out to do impromptu shows and it’s like an outdoor party. AND it’s just a generally badass beach (both little and big).The Ka’anapali one is the one where all the nicest hotels are right? Super pretty 🙂 Explore all the luxurious hotels in the area!

    Tell me how Makawao is! That sounds nice. Lahaina is pretty touristy but has some good restaurants and shops. The old lahaina luau is there and if you’re going to do a luau in Hawaii you HAVE to do that one. I liked it so much I’ve gone twice in one week (which was not cheap) but so worth it. For luau buffet food it’s so delish and unlimited legit tropical vacation drinks.. and their shows is the best. Call asap and see if you can be put on a waitlist. You won’t be disappointed (and sitting on the mats was actually kinda fun if they have that option available).

    There’s also some cool snorkeling trips in maui and john and i did a zipline course that was phenom! Nothing is particularly budget friendly but you should splurge 🙂

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