30 Days to Hawaii: Quicktips #19 – No Speakers? No Problem!

I have a set of portable speakers that I bring anytime I travel. The speakers are the size of a small book, and can run off of outlet power through the AC/DC adapter or through AA batteries. Having them has come in handy so many times in the past and at only $39.99, using it for the past 8 years has definitely made it a solid investment.

But I got to admit, it’s a little unnecessary now.

I was staring at these speakers the other day, deciding if I should bring them to Hawaii, when I realized that I really don’t need to anymore. At the time, I bought them because there was no such thing as a smartphone, and iPods didn’t have speakers built into them. All you could do was to plug in your MP3 player to a speaker to play music out loud, otherwise you would be relegated to only listen in solitude through your headphones. But now, smartphone speakers are exponentially better, both in quality and volume, so portable speakers have almost become expendable.

But what if you still want an extra “oomph” for your phone? Want to hear your music throughout the entire hotel room? Over the crashes of the waves on the beach? If you don’t have a set of speakers with you, don’t worry! Here’s a Quicktip: Just put your phone or iPod Touch in a bowl and crank up the volume. The concave shape of the bowl will amplify the music. Make sure to aim your speakers at the bottom of the bowl so it reflects the sounds up the sides and out with a significantly greater volume.

On top of that, since there won’t be roaming in Hawaii, I’ll be able to access anything I want through my phone! So, dear old speakers, I won’t be bringing you on my trip. It’s been real.

Yu Live, Yu Learn

Photo from here.


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