30 Days to Hawaii: The Importance of Traveling Lightly

The importance of traveling lightly should not be taken lightly! I’ve gone on weekend trips and month-long trips, and what I’ve realized the following regardless of any type of traveling you do:

The lighter your luggage, the happier the traveler.

Which is why I haven’t checked a bag in 4 years. I find that by limiting yourself to a carry-on sized bag, you will keep yourself from overpacking, and thus avoid having to lug around far too much weight while traveling. So whereever you go, try to limit yourself to just a carry-on bag as your main source of luggage.

A 9″ x 22″ x 14″ duffel bag is an ideal carry-on bag good for any purpose. It provides you with the pleasures of mobility and freedom, and you’ll never go any other way.

Here are some of the reasons why sticking strictly with a carry-on is beyond clutch:

  • When using a carry-on, you are less likely to have your bag lost, stolen, or broken mid-transit.
  • If you have less weight on you, you will have more opportunities to travel more without wearing yourself out.
  • Flight changes will become a breeze, since you don’t have to worry about your baggage not making it.
  • You don’t have to pay for baggage fees on planes, buses, taxi, etc.
  • You don’t have to wait in line for baggage check (especially helpful if you are consistently late for your flight like I am).
  • You can get out of the airport the moment you land, instead of waiting (for what seems like hours) at the baggage carousel.
  • They don’t weigh your carry-on bags (again, less fees).
  • You don’t have that awkward moment with the bellhop at the hotel.

An interesting fact about traveling light is that this way of traveling life is no longer a secret. As baggage fees have increased (and as tens of thousands of people read my blog… I kid, I kid), more people are foregoing checked bags and opting for carry-ons instead. This has created a free-for-all (codename: nightmare) for overhead space, so make sure you try and get preferred seating through your frequent flyer miles (or you know, fly first class…)

So the next time you go on vacation, think: do I really want to carry ALL of this stuff with me while I’m constantly on the move? Do I really need all this stuff? Can I get any of this while I’m traveling? Asking these questions will allow you to get rid of your clunky suitcases, opening the doors to a new type of travel, one that will give you freedom to bypass luggage handlers, lower the chances of losing your bags, and save you the hassle of lugging around additional pounds of unnecessary weight.

Yu Live, Yu Learn

Photo from here.

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