Hi, I’m Alex!

I’m an adventurous, laid-back, sickeningly optimistic person with a thousand interests (and counting). I recently picked up and moved to Seattle (Aug 2011) just to try something new, live the west-coast lifestyle for a bit, and see how things go. I’m a complete nut about being active and organized, but I couldn’t live without the randomness the world throws at me. Most of my friends would probably describe me as a “nice guy,” which is pretty much sums up a lot about me.

I developed this blog as a hobby, so I can have someplace to document life, share funny stories, and stay in touch with my friends. So far, it’s become a hodge-podge of a whole lotta nothing, but I hope someday I can look back on this and say “I’m really glad I did this,” versus “why the fuck did I spend all this time on a blog?!?” We’ll see.

Most of the things you can find here are random tid-bits of information that probably won’t even help you in the the most random trivia rounds, but I’m the type of person that finds anything interesting and I would hope that you do too. On the most part, I’m trying to document some of the big milestones in my life, such as the introduction to the business world, buying my first home, traveling to new places… all things I personally love to read about other people’s lives.

These are the chronicles of my eccentric and random thoughts.


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