Bucket List

    • Learn to Drive Stick Shift
    • Try out Vegetarianism
    • Hike and Camp Out on a Section of the Great Wall of China
    • See the Aurora Borealis
    • Party until Dawn in Ibiza or Mykonos
    • Run a Half-Marathon
    • Finish a Rubik’s Cube without any help
    • Visit all 50 States in the US
    • Travel to all six livable continents
    • Live Abroad for a Year
    • Share a Real New Year’s Kiss
    • Successfully Hunt or Fish something
    • Learn to Sail a Boat
    • Buy a House
    • Paint a picture following Bob Ross
    • Donate a Large Sum of Money Anonymously
    • Publish a Piece of Literature
    • Go Curling
    • Paintball
    • Summit the highest point on every island in Hawaii


  • Complete the 10,000 Sit-Up Challenge
  • Go Skydiving
  • Shoot a pistol

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