Christmas Tree for $40 Or Less

Christmas is just around the corner!!!

Are you looking for a way to get into the Christmas spirit? Do you miss the soft glow of the Christmas tree at night? Does the thought of this year’s festivities give you a slight tingle in your pants? (Yes, Yes, and Yes!)

Every year, I try to get into the Christmas spirit, but the truth of the matter is Christmas will never be just like it was at home. I don’t have the funds, the storage, nor the vast collection of previous year’s decorations at my disposal. I always try to decorate the house and get into the Christmas mood, but it seems like each year I find myself living in a new place, and starting from scratch.

Which is why I was determined to have my own Christmas Tree this year AND not spend a fortune on it. I ended up with my very own Christmas tree, all for under $40! How did I do it? and The Dollar Store.

First off, I bought a 4 foot Christmas tree from I don’t necessarily have space in my house for a full tree yet, and in the interest of saving money I decided to go with the fake tree, as much as it hurts to do so. The best option is the 4′ Charlie Pine Artificial Christmas Tree. It costs roughly ~$12 plus shipping, which is a steal if you ask me. It’s perfect if you have a little table or a stand that you can prop the tree up on to get the “height” typical trees should be. Although the tree in the above link is a little sparse, with the right kind of decorations and additional pine garland, you can really fill it up.

A look at the 4' Charlie

A look at the 4′ Charlie Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

After you get the tree, it’s time to decorate it! This is where a trip to your local Dollar Store will be very helpful. Stores like The Dollar Tree carry TONS of Christmas decorations, all for –yes you guessed it– a dollar! You can see their collection of Christmas tree decorations and other items here. Here are some of the items I bought recently:

Items, from left to right:Bow

Items, from left to right:
Bow, Candy Canes, Ribbons, Metallic Ornaments, Tiny Bows, Specialty Ornaments, Christmas Lights, and Metallic Garlands

The decorations cost all but $17 bucks. The lights cost $3 from my local supermarket.

And a look at the final product!

Placed near a window it looks like a full 6'-8' tree!

Placed near a window it looks like a full 6′-8′ tree!

Happy holidays!

Yu Live, Yu Learn