Roddick’s Pregame Outfit

39 days and counting until the season opener game for Michigan. In honor of the soon to be classic game against defending national champion Alabama in Jerryworld (Dallas, TX), I’ve decided to put Roddick in some college game day attire.

He didn’t like it very much.

But whatever, he knows who feeds him 🙂

Dressed in a blue J Crew V-Neck sweater and a maize and blue tie, I gotta say, the SOB is quite dapper looking, don’t you agree?

Yu Live Yu Get Bored and Dress Your Dog.


Quicktips # 20 – Plastic Bag Glove

Tired of always getting your hands dirty while playing with your dog? Realize that it does in fact rain a lot in Seattle and that you will most likely have a muddy dog (and ball) on your hands anytime you go outside before 8am? Want to fix all of that?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a Quicktip I’ve come to use quite often… If you want to keep your hands clean, take a baggy (which you should be carrying with you anyway) and put it over your hand (just like picking up poops). You’ll keep your hands clean/dry/warm, and when nature calls, you’re already primed to pick up the mess!


Yu Live, Yu Learn