Roddick’s Pregame Outfit

39 days and counting until the season opener game for Michigan. In honor of the soon to be classic game against defending national champion Alabama in Jerryworld (Dallas, TX), I’ve decided to put Roddick in some college game day attire.

He didn’t like it very much.

But whatever, he knows who feeds him 🙂

Dressed in a blue J Crew V-Neck sweater and a maize and blue tie, I gotta say, the SOB is quite dapper looking, don’t you agree?

Yu Live Yu Get Bored and Dress Your Dog.


Roddick: A Story of a Dog’s 3rd Birthday and His 21 Shots

I’ve officially become that guy that celebrates his dog’s birthday, and I have absolutely no shame (this is also making up for last year, when I totally forgot about his 2nd birthday). Roddick turned 3 this weekend, which meant spending a full day doing awesome dog things! Went to a dog-friendly restaurant, Norms, where Roddick accepted way too many treats under the table. Next, off to Petpalooza where Colin, Jen, and I treated him to a slew of new toys and bones. Then off to Magnuson Park, a 9-acre doggy Disneyland complete with water access (Lake Washington’s freshwater shoreline). After wearing him out, we gave him the surprise of a lifetime and a gift quite appropriate for his 3rd birthday, 21 shots of his favorite foods!

Check out the pictures here:

Yu Live, Yu Celebrate Birthdays!

Oh, so THAT’S what a Swiffer is for!

I’ve just come to the realization that Roddick has no idea what a Swiffer is for. The only thing he knows is that every time it comes out, it means he gets to retrieve all his lost toys from under the couch! Maybe that’s  why he always chases it around the room!

Yu Live, Yu Learn

Quicktips # 20 – Plastic Bag Glove

Tired of always getting your hands dirty while playing with your dog? Realize that it does in fact rain a lot in Seattle and that you will most likely have a muddy dog (and ball) on your hands anytime you go outside before 8am? Want to fix all of that?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a Quicktip I’ve come to use quite often… If you want to keep your hands clean, take a baggy (which you should be carrying with you anyway) and put it over your hand (just like picking up poops). You’ll keep your hands clean/dry/warm, and when nature calls, you’re already primed to pick up the mess!


Yu Live, Yu Learn

30 Days to Hawaii: First Time Hiking in Washington

It’s 7 days until Hawaii… I am so pumped.

One of the things we’re going to do is hike up the mountains in Oahu and Maui, so I figured it would be good to get some practice doing so while here in Seattle. I had actually not gone hiking in Seattle (but  have gone snowshoeing!) so it was also my very first Pacific Northwest hiking adventure.

A couple of my coworkers were going to Rattlesnake Ridge in North Bend, WA, so I decided to invite a couple of friends, Brandon and Stuart, to come with.

Yu Live, Yu Learn

A Dog Owner’s Shopping Cart

Top basket: for dog
Bottom basket: for humans

Top basket: $90.88
Bottom basket: $1.66

Guess we know the real master of the house…

Yu Live, Yu Learn

Doggy’s First Day at Work

There’s a dog in the office!

My roommate, who typically works from home, is away in Denver for a couple of days. I felt bad leaving Roddick all alone at home all day, so I brought him to work!

He didn’t poop on the carpet, he didn’t bark, and he impressed all my coworkers. Success!

Yu Live, Yu Learn

The Furminator is Bomb

Yu Live, Yu Learn

Not Every Blog Deserves to Live

I have to admit, this isn’t my first time at the rodeo.  Once upon a time I used to have a blog. And it was a PET BLOG (AHHHH FAIL!)

Yes. It’s true. I used to write about my dog, starting with the day that I adopted him. I thought it was so cool. Honestly. Everyone wants to see pictures of my dog, right? Whelp… it’s no longer operational, and is just a sad remnant of the blog I thought it would be.

So it seems only fitting that one of my first posts to follow the mantra of “Yu Live, Yu Learn” be, well, about blogs. For those who may be inspired by my blog (don’t lie!) – here are 5 some simple rules to blogging that I can offer. Basing this all on previous failure (we optimists call these “life lessons”), I hope I can learn from my mistakes and transform this blog into something that will last longer than half a dozen posts. So here are my plans to keep this blog relevant, updated, and interesting. Let’s hope I follow my own advice.

1) Be interesting.
Ask yourself, what are you interested in? For me, I’m interested in telling people what to do. It’s the truth. I have an opinion about everything and like to think that my suggestions help (in general). So I’m going to put it to the test and share the ideas in my head. For you, you could be interested in cooking, or landscapes, or stamps. Make things interesting by sharing unique recipes, mind-blowing pictures, or (sorry, I can’t think of anything interesting about stamps).

2) Keep posting.
People used to come up to me and ask “when are you going to update your blog???” I would be surprised that a) they read it, and b) that they wanted to read more. I’d tell them I’d update it, but then life kicked in, and I was either too lazy, busy, or partying to keep posting consistently. That’s the best way to lose your viewership right there. No matter what, keep the posts coming. Good or bad, at least you’re releasing new material. Which leads me to…

3) Stop trying to be so damn perfect.
Man, am I OCD. I give everything way too much thought, and it ends up being a detriment to a lot of things I do. A lot of people I know are the same way. Sometimes I just need to wrap my head around the fact that not everything needs to be perfect. This is a g’damn blog. Post now, think later!

4) Keep it fun!
I’m not trying to make money off of this blog or do anything but to enlighten myself and hopefully others in the process. As I noted in my original post [And so it begins], one of the main goals of this is to make people laugh. I just want to keep things light and humorous, and that includes pictures, videos, and audio files. Most of them will probably be embarrassing, but oh well.

5) Know your voice.
There are over 156 million blogs and counting, and I would imagine that only a handful of those blogs are successful and are read daily. Is there anything wrong with that? NO! By definition, this is my web log and really it’s my voice openly available for the public, but not FOR the public. Keep your own voice. If you are as interesting as you really think you are, you should have no problem pulling readers in.

So there you have it. My advice of blogs for myself. It helps that I’ve typed this out for myself, cause the only way to be trusted is to practice what you preach. And in case you’ve read this entire post searching for my old blog, I hereby present you with The Chronicles of Roddick. Enjoy!

Yu Live, Yu Learn.